While Build Nix-project Getting sqlite execution error

@TLATER @NobbZ , so can you help, What exactly I need to do to work with nix without sudo?

Disable apparmor, SELinux and any other tools like this.

Alternatively create appropriate profiles that make nix work.

I have no experience with either. At a former workplace the goto-solution for all SElinux related problems was a setenforce Permissive instead of trying to understand whats going on.

There’s more documentation here: Security - AppArmor | Ubuntu

If you don’t care for the security aspect, according to that doc you can just:

sudo systemctl stop apparmor.service
sudo systemctl disable apparmor.service

As unfortunate as it is, I can also attest that this is indeed the industry-standard solution.

I uninstall the NIX and install again with

GitHub - DeterminateSystems/nix-installer: The Determinate Nix Installer.

That will resolve all my permission issues.