Who's using the fediverse? (Mastodon)

is the ensemble of federated servers that are used for web publishing (i.e. social networking, microblogging or websites) and file hosting

but even if the wikipedia description is uselessly generic, you may have heard of Mastodon and you may be aware that it’s not Twitter but it’s similar and it’s open. Who’s tooting about Nix topics? Looks like Will Dietz is starting a list - Will Dietz: "@infinisil@niu.moe @qyliss @edef@queer.af Here a…" - Mastodon - reply and tag yourself or others


I’m there and i sometimes also toot about #Nix*. Feel free to add me @davidak@chaos.social.
Right now i’m doing some social media detox experiment, but i think i’m not that addicted. I was just 2 times on twitter this month, by accident. But i also scrolled there for 4 hours a day in the past…

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Done! :slight_smile:

Also feel free to add me (@megfault@chaos.social). Warning: I post about many other things as well.

Since the instance that I am using works again after a reboot: @mic92@toot.matereal.eu

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As a Nix* newbie I’m currently mostly whining about things not working, if posting about it at all.
But feel free to add me as @schmittlauch@toot.matereal.eu

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Hi everyone, follow me at @petabyteboy@social.pbb.lc

Thanks for the recommendations! I’m at @raboof@quey.org

Still not actively posting, but: @danieldk@sigmoid.social

There is now also @nixos_org@chaos.social

I am @afontaine@afontaine.dev

Running a single user pleroma instance thanks to the great pleroma
module in NixOS!

Yep, it would be nice to see more Nix stuffs on the fediverse.

I’m lewo (@lewo@mamot.fr) - La Quadrature du Net - Mastodon - Media Fédéré and i’m sometimes posting Nix related announcements.

I’m using it, it would be so nice to have the official NixOS account on it !

My profile: @pol@mathstodon.xyz

Nice, I missed this post.


I’m @tumble@stereophonic.space, and one day I will make interesting posts!

Is this an official account?

@kookaburracigarstealer@mastodon.social.Trying to engage on Nix related discussions there.

I set it up with the NixOS Marketing team, and it’s posting the same ‘scheduled’ content as on other platforms (‘fediverse-ified’). Boosts and interactions are of course fediverse-specific. I guess that’s as official as it gets?

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Ah nice !

I think we should also provide a pull request against the website and add a mastodon icon!


We could also add a specific HTML tag on the website to prove the authenticity of the Mastodon account.




It’s already mentioned on the Community page, I can imagine we want the ‘Connect with us’ block short. Ofc I’d be in favour of having the Mastodon account linked there, but I don’t think that’s up to me :slight_smile:

The verification we should indeed definitely do, created Add 'rel="me"' link to verify our Mastodon presence by raboof · Pull Request #843 · NixOS/nixos-homepage · GitHub

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