Why are posts being unlisted?

Why was this post unlised? Also where can I see which moderator did this?

Edit: Hidden is difference from being unlisted right? Brigading of this Discourse This post was hidden yet it is still listed


Discourse has this feature for “self-moderating” communities, where flags combine together, with some weird scoring maths. When the score gets above a certain threshold, Discourse assumes the flags are correct, and hides the post, while also sending it to a moderation queue. Later the moderators can decide if the flag is upheld, or removed.

Now, I said hides the post. Posts can be the initial post of a topic, or replies to a topic. When flags are made on the initial post, the post itself gets unlisted.

I am not a moderator. I have no further information. I suspect that this is what has happened here.

Some refs here:


There was a time and place for this discussion, but as part of our public statement we asked to refrain from starting new public threads on the matter. The community is exhausted by it and flagging these posts, and we tend to agree with these reports.

The original thread the got closed, there is no intent to reconsider the temporary suspension we issued.