Why does clang-wrapper depend on gcc?


I am trying to reduce closure size and switched from stdenv to stdenvNoCC. I want to use a specific version of clang 10 (I am on NixOS) instead so I do not want to use clangStdenv.

To my surprise, running nix-shell on CI still downloads gcc. Apparently because it is a dependency of the clang-wrapper:

clang-wrapper-10.0.1         1.12 GiB (1.12 GiB)│clang-10.0.1              917.72 MiB (26.24 MiB)│glibc-2.32-46-dev          41.55 MiB (7.57 MiB)│
│                                                │clang-10.0.1-lib         891.48 MiB (541.69 MiB)│gcc-10.3.0-lib             37.14 MiB (5.71 MiB)│
│                                                │gcc-10.3.0               220.95 MiB (173.55 MiB)

AFAICS, the reason seems to be libstdc++ which is included directly from gcc. Is this correct? Can I do something about this?


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