Why is gvim missing?

I configured vim like it is described in this blog post: https://beyermatthias.de/blog/2015/11/25/how-to-setup-neovim-on-nixos/

Does anybody know why gvim isn’t available anymore with this?
I used vimHugeX before and gvim was there.


For whatever reason, vim_configurable only builds a vim (or nvim) executable, but you can at least still get gvim by running vim -g. I vaguely remember trying to chase this down a couple of years ago and concluding that it was easier to stick gvim in my shell aliases than to hack gvim into vim_configurable.

But vimHugeX is using vim_configurable too so it’s only a matter of how it is called it seems.

There are multiple issues.

At some revision GUI was switched off because the autodetection turned out to work in a slightly unexpected way. The gvim executable was correctly missing in this situation. This has been fixed.

In another revision, wrapping broke gvim because there was gvim (the wrapper script) that called .gvim-wrapped (symlink to vim) and vim did not recognize this as a reason to start GUI. This has also been fixed.

(both these fixes are in master, I am not sure about the unstable channel)

Now that I look at it, this wrapper breaks view, gview, etc. I have just pushed a fix to master.

this was the fix: Improve re-wrapping in case of GTK3 · NixOS/nixpkgs@0832208 · GitHub

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