Why is NixOS rebooting every day with allowReboot?

A few days ago I enabled system.autoUpgrade.allowReboot. Since then my system has rebooted I think very single day. This surprises me, I’m on the 20.03 channel rather than unstable, do we really have kernel changes going in every single day? And is there any way to track what changed in the auto-upgrade that prompted the reboot?


Was this meant to be posted in the French Learn section?

Here’s the code that gets executed when enabling this setting. You can basically just check for yourself by comparing what it’s comparing in /nix/var/nix/profiles.

I didn’t even realize there was a french learn section.

It looks like the kernel is changing every few days. I didn’t realize the Linux kernel revved that fast, especially on a stable branch. Though I feel like my machine is rebooting more often than once every few days.

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