Why is swift marked as broken?

Apologies if this post is better suited for github/matrix

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Probably more for #learn, let me walk you through answering these questions:

  1. Use search.nixos.org to find the package in question: swift
  2. Click the handy “source” link - this takes you to the source on github
  3. Since changes are recorded in git, you can click the “blame” button on the top right of the file, and then search for “broken”, which shoud get you to the line where its broke state is set
  4. Click the associated commit
  5. If you’re lucky, it has a descriptive commit message that explains it already. If not, click through to the relevant PR/issue that the commit is linked to.

In this case, it leads to: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/173671. I.e. the build was failing before the 22.05 release, and it hadn’t been fixed by the cut-off point. If you want to fix it, give it a go!

That, or you’ve determined it wasn’t failing on hydra, and I’m just being silly here.

If there ever is a package suddenly marked broken with no explanation through commits/issues, that’s a matter for pinging the person who made the change on matrix (and perhaps updating the source in question with a comment with the reasoning). But I have yet to see a truly bad commit in nixpkgs - the folks around here know their git :wink:


Since I felt bad potentially overexplaining something simple, I dug up the build from just before when it was marked broken: Hydra - Build 176058621 of job nixpkgs:trunk:swift.x86_64-linux

Looks like some tests are failing. Getting it unbroken might be as simple as figuring out that that’s a false negative, and disabling the tests. Or maybe it’s more complex.



As an aside, it amazes me @TLATER that you always seem to be one of the first to reply to my posts on the odd-day I stick my head in here. I really appreciate the all the help you’ve given me! (Also sorry for mislabling the post)

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:smiley: Helps me learn too, every answer is a tiny bit more experience with the ecosystem. This time I learned how far back the hydra logs go!