Why no release lately?

Based on https://status.nixos.org/, nixpkgs-unstable is green but hasn’t seen a release in 7 days. Why so delayed? Is a new release not cut automatically whenever Hydra is green?

The process is described e.g. on https://howoldis.herokuapp.com/ The missing part right now is waiting for all builds from the evaluation to finish, and right now we did have unfinished ones in all trunk evals in the past week. I just canceled some, so perhaps we’ll see it move a bit now, but overall the farm doesn’t feel perfectly healthy to me.

BTW, I’d rather call these “channel updates”. “Releases” are already used for something a little different.

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… and it updated. Though that commit is close to a week old anyway. Generally, aarch64 and darwin tend to be more overloaded and the release period is also harder for the farm.

What’s confusing to me is status.nixos.old shows green for nixpkgs with “Last updated: 6 hours ago” and no indication that the commit itself is actually almost a week old.

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Yes: https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-org-configurations/issues/115