Wiki Workgroup Categories not updated

I think it would be great if every WG was added to the list. A couple are missing at the moment (Kubernetes, Deployment).

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The missing items appear when logging into the wiki. It’s like the page cache needs to be refreshed.

The list is auto-generated with {{Template:PrefixIndex|1=Workgroup:|columns=1}}

That is so weird. I’m not sure I understand the cache explanation. Do you mean a local in-browser cache? I couldn’t reproduce: after logging out and hard-refreshing, the WGs are still not there.

It’s a bug though, and means not all groups will be reached by crawlers and therefore won’t show up in search results, right?

let’s continue the discussions upstream: Read-only page doesn't show the same content as when logged-in · Issue #31 · nix-community/wiki · GitHub