Working around broken dependency in flake

I am writing a flake which has a transitive dependency that is marked as broken in nixpkgs.

The problem seems to be that the current version does not support sqlalchemy >= 1.4.

Perhaps I can work around this by downgrading one of

  • the package itself (specified inside the derivation)
  • sqlalchemy (an input to the derivation)

What would be a good way to try these downgrades?

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No version of that project seems to support it, so you’ll have to downgrade sqlalchemy.

You can do that specifically for that package with:

pybids.override {
  sqlalchemy = sqlalchemy.overrideAttrs(old: {
    version = <something>;
    src = <something>;
    # And any other changes you may need

You may then also have to overrideAttrs the result of that to remove the broken tag.