Wrong monitor resolution after rebuild use kernel 6.6

Hi, i have problem with monitor resolution.
i change to latest kernel(6.6) then rebuild my nixos and…
after reboot when enter to GUI mode(lightdm login) after boot log(cli) failed.
blank and on monitor onscreen display show message “wrong resolution, should use 1366x768 @60hz” and i cant enter to tty.

my monitor usually use 1366x768 @60hz

on my configuration.nix i use video driver “fbdev” because my GPU broken(artefak) if use intel driver. my GPU is intel.

my question is how to setting the proper resolution?
now, temporarily I use the default kernel channel unstable, it resolution configured automatically(use 1366x768 @60hz).

why is the Intel driver broken for you in the first place? It works great for me on my laptop.

Edit: You can switch to linuxPackages for boot.kernelPackages in your configuration instead of running the latest kernel. In all likelihood that is going to revert the change that affected you.

my GPU old :smiley:
GPU: Intel 4 Series Chipset

yes for now i use default kernel 6.1 and no problem.

I’m curious what causes the 6.6 kernel to not work as it should.

usually I use the latest kernel without any problems. Only this time there was a problem with kernel 6.6.

if you are really really curious you can go git bisect the kernel source tree. It is a bit tedious on NixOS though. But can be done.

Can you be a bit more specific about your Intel GPU? Is that an iGPU for Haswell CPUs?

my cpu is Intel Core 2 6300 (2) @ 1.861GHz
GPU: Intel 4 Series Chipset (onboard)
Host: G41 Series
bios: American megatrend
desktop computer not laptop.

So most likely something like this?

Yes, it is somewhat old. I’ve never had one of these Intel chipset-based GPUs.

yes like that but ram ddr3 2 socket

So this GPU is more or less like the ThinkPad T400. It should work with Intel drivers.

Apart from that: you most likely get no benefits from running a bleeding edge kernel. If you need to stay on the framebuffer driver, just stick with the older kernel and be happy as long as your machine runs.

Is there no way to set the resolution?

or the fbdev driver has been deprecated in the latest kernel?

Well there certainly is a way to get to the bottom of this, but that depends a bit on the rest of your setup.

I was just proposing the easy way out: Stick to the LTS kernel :sweat_smile: