Zabbix and arpwatch

I’m setting up some network monitoring, i found zabbix , which seems to work well. Installation is a breeze but can’t find many examples of declarative configuration with nix.

Does anyone remember arpwatch, i can’t seem to find it in nix, has it been superseded by something else.

Zabbix is very stateful. NixOS can get you up and running with Zabbix, but you’ll need to configure any monitoring within the application (or via the api) yourself. All configuration regarding asset monitoring is stored within a database.

Let me know if you have any more questions about Zabbix on NixOS. Happy to help if I can.

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I got it up and running, setting up a sane monitoring configuration is not super easy, but once you get familiar with the ‘zabbix’ way, it’s actually quite nice.

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