Zbar for Raspberry Pi Zero

After libcamera was fixed by help in Building libcamera for Raspberry Pi - #9 by eliasnaur through PR 205176, I moved on to zbar. However, it fails with a different error: missing g++.

Full build log at gist:023797297e1822b61be1bdf7567a3e28 · GitHub

Command: nix build .#zbar from a flake with a cross-compiling nixpkgs set up like this:

        arch = pkgs.stdenv.buildPlatform.parsed.cpu.name;
        crosspkgs = import nixpkgs {
          system = "${arch}-linux";
          crossSystem = {
            system = "armv6l-linux";
            gcc = {
              arch = "armv6k";
              fpu = "vfp";
        zbar = crosspkgs.zbar;

The system is forced to linux to ensure the flake is built on a nixpkgs#darwin.builder I have running.

Thank you,