Zoom won't luanch automatically from firefox

How to launch zoom automatically from browser in NixOS?

When i try to join a meeting using an url, zoom-us never launches!

Firefox I think relies on xdg-open to do the heavy-lifting here, so the proto or w/e needs to be hooked open accordingly. Can you try whether xdg-open <url> successfully launches zoom-us?

Hello! Thanks for answering up! xdg-open <url> command launches up the url in the firefox. It dosen’t seem to open zoom in anyway!

That means something is wrong with the registration, I’m not exactly sure where to resolve that though.

Can you give a brief description of what that means? Currently, PIMA(PainInMyAss) i join the meeting in the browser and then i would copy the meeting id and passcode in my notebook and after that i pass it to zoom-us. May be, a python script might automate these hard works!

Did you install zoom-us system (or Home Manager) wide? Or do you just use nix run nixpkgs#zoom-us. In the latter case, the xdg-open integration does not work.

I just used the command:

nix-env -iA nixos.zoom-us
that means system wide?

That could be the reason. Try to add zoom-us to your environment.systemPackages list (or home.packages).


That’s installing it to your user profile. Whether or not that will put a desktop file with the correct MimeType in ~/.local/share/applications is a different question. Using nix-env is not advisable, if you can avoid it, but I think it is supposed to properly install desktop files, and it should not matter whether it’s installed into your user or system profile.

If there is a zoom.desktop in either of $XDG_DATA_HOME or any of the directories in $XDG_DATA_DIRS that has MimeType=x-scheme-handler/<something that sounds like zoom>, it might have been set to be firefox in mimeapps.list. You can get home-manager to override that though: Appendix A. Configuration Options

If you use flatpak or wayland for either of Firefox or zoom, that might also matter, since then you need desktop portals for this to work, which I’ve not managed to get to work consistently for a few years now.

The arch wiki explains the whole mime type thing quite well: XDG MIME Applications - ArchWiki

You can also use the xdg-mime CLI application to query what your system is configured to do with specific URLs and whatnot. I believe the incantation for zoom is:

xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/zoommtg
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