1password-gui Global keyboard shortcuts not working

Hi there,

I have 1password-gui with Hyprland setup, and for the most part, it does as it should. But I am experiencing the following:

  • (EDIT - fixed by updating to 8.10.7 in unstable) I cannot copy/paste from 1p from the desktop app (but I can from the browser extension)
  • (EDIT - fixed by updating to 8.10.7 in unstable) I leverage waybar with the tray, and when I close 1p to the tray, I cannot open it again. So I currently leave it open on another workspace
  • I cannot leverage the keyboard shortcuts for the quick launcher or to show the app (maybe related to the previous bullet).

Is anyone else here running Hyprland / 1password? Did you have to do any other configuration?

Thank you.

EDIT - Updating the Title to reflect the last question as it is the only real issue, as the other two seemed to be a bug. Original title was “1password-gui with Hyperland oddities”.