2022/01/19 - Marketing Meeting Minutes

Another two weeks passed and the marketing team got together to review what we were up to in the last 2 weeks.

Attended: @garbas, @samueldr, @tomberek

Going over some open issues for nixos.org

The following PRs were created or updated and merged by @garbas: #788, #787, #786, #785, #780, #773, #769, #658, #724

We are looking into further adding/improving content on nixos.org, but this work was a first step towards that.

Use SLSA jargon on the website

Until next time we will look if there is an opportunity to present Nix as an SLSA solution. @tomberek recently did a demo on this topic which was well received.

Announcement video for Nix 2.7

This time we are going to make it in time. @garbas and @tomberek are going to meet next week to hash out the details.

Common styles improvements

Common styles is a repository where we are migrating all of our design elements that we used on the nixos.org website and making them reusable for other nixos website.

Fist plan is to “theme” status.nixos.org, #7

@samueldr started the work and opened 3 PRs: #8, #789, #9.

As always if you would like to help please join our matrix channel and we will direct you into the right direction.

See you in two weeks with more updates!


Great work!

Have you researched the alternatives to SLSA? How is it related to in-toto?

They describe themselves as an industry collaboration and they use all closed source tools. Maybe not a good place for us as a community project.

What do people from debian and GUIX think about software supply chain security? Which efforts do they contribute to?

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Great presentation @tomberek! His input starts at minute 11:00, for those who are interested.

We haven’t looked at alternatives, not sure I’m aware of them. But the idea is to somewhere on the website use similar jargon as it is used in software supply chain communities to describe how Nix fits their view of the world.

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