2022-08-11 Documentation team meeting notes #7

Attendees: @Ericson2314, @infinisil, @olaf, @Mic92 (@fricklerhandwerk later)

Notes: @infinisil, @fricklerhandwerk

  • talked out about redacted Nix architecture documentation (20 min)

  • @infinisil wonders if the existence and members of the documentation team are documented

  • @fricklerhandwerk can the nixpkgs architecture team outline how nixpkgs is currently organized, warts included? that would help everyone not already being expert orient themselves where to contribute best

    • @infinisil better have a pull-based approach, the architecture team would be the primary source to ask if you have questions
      • @fricklerhandwerk good, would be great if you could make that as visible as possible
        • publish team on nixos.org (blocked on @garbas merging PRs)
        • keep announcement in Discourse up to date with team info and such
    • @Ericson2314 we should document all the cruft that may never become stable in one place
      • @infinisil we cannot make backwards incompatible changes any more anyway, there is no such thing as unstable interfaces
        • @fricklerhandwerk this is why having it documented is valuable. not just to help regular users, also because we can better see the warts and address them systematically
  • updates on NixOS wiki administration (5 min)

    • decision: no change, keep a mirror; discuss with Foundation whether and how to make the Wiki official
  • status of obtaining usage statistics (10 min)

    • no updates, work ongoing; mostly a permission issue; we need more formal communication with project leadership
  • discussed establishing nomenclature for Nix ecosystem (10 min)

    • decision: prepare a polished proposal for marketing team (and possibly foundation board) to adopt

Oops I didn’t catch in time, but I actually said we should document the stuff that is perma-unstable in the same place. I am very happy with documenting it! I just don’t want the “internals” to be confused with the “user facing parts” by regular users not trying to contribute to Nixpkgs.

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@Ericson2314 fixed the notes.

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Very interesting all of this. I want to mention for the Doc’s Team situational awareness, that I’m in this very moment in the process of “modernizing” styx: github.com/divnix/styx

cc @AndersonTorres et al.


I want to notify wikipedia Nix entry looks abandoned. For instance the dead link to Nix Expression Language.