2022-11-04 Nix team meeting minutes #6

Attendees: @edolstra @regnat @fricklerhandwerk @roberth @tomberek @Ericson2314

  • @fricklerhandwerk: The UX team lead of Modus Create (Tweag’s new mother company) proposed to run a workshop at the ZHF hackathon in Zürich to help maintainers improve Nix

    • Would like to have as many Nix team members, and also Nixpkgs and NixOS maintainers as possible to participate
    • Goal: learn something together and foster a coherent vision and mind set
    • Will make a more concrete outline next week
  • Agenda discussion

    • We should keep working at the vision
    • Should we also work on discussing more concrete points in parallel?
      • We want to work on some stuff like reworking the test infrastructure no matter what


  • 30mins on the vision draft
  • 30mins on issues and pull requests


  • @regnat: process? Nix UX team was not very effective at discussing issues
    • @edolstra: yes, should focus on whether the changes are worthwhile and not go into any detail on the code
    • @tomberek: what did work on the UX team was leaving the respective meeting notes in the PR comments

  • discussed #7099 Remove repeat option
    • decision: the change is good.
    • change requests: make it throw an error message, update release notes

  • @fricklerhandwerk: questions to determine agenda for next time:
    • how do we pick PRs for discussion?
      • e.g. why don’t we start from the oldest ones?
      • how do we determine what’s the most valuable contribution to unblock?
    • we will get stuck deciding on things, and I think we need a sufficiently fleshed out vision to get unstuck
      • shall we review more PRs until we get stuck and then refine the vision until we get stuck there?
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