2022-11-11 Nix team meeting minutes #7

Attendees: @edolstra @tomberek @regnat @fricklerhandwerk @roberth @Ericson2314

Planning discussion

  • @fricklerhandwerk invited Elton Vecchietti from Modus Create to pitch his workshop at the Nix hackathon in Zürich on 2022-11-26
  • @fricklerhandwerk: Schedule a second meeting per week to have one for work and one for discussion (as @tomberek proposed)
    • @tomberek: discussion meetings should produce an ordered list of tasks to work on in the work meeting without the need for further discussion
      • it was effective for cleaning up little things
        • not necessarily good to deal with massive changes
    • what should we focus on for the work meetings? small uncontroversial things?
    • when do we schedule the second meeting?
  • @fricklerhandwerk define a process for deciding on an agenda
    • proposal:
      • have a file in the Nix repo
      • make a PR each week
      • add comments with suggestions for new items
      • who takes care of opening and closing the PR?
    • @tomberek: like the PR workflow
    • @edolstra: would like to have as little process as possible
      • why not add items to this document?
        • no way to comment
      • PR workflow looks good though
  • @fricklerhandwerk: fefine a process how we pick PRs for discussion
    • proposal:
      • every meeting spend 10-15 min to get an impression of the big picture first
        • next release milestone
        • skim oldest PRs
        • sort by :thumbsup: or :heart:
        • filter by topics we may care about
      • maintainers can add PRs they want to discuss to the project board directly
      • pick one obvious candidate from each of the above categories every week
      • in the mid-term establish some triaging process, e.g.:
        • team members commit 1h every week
        • label issues and PRs
        • ping authors of stale PRs
    • @tomberek: will set up a team handbook in Nix repo including the two meetings and some process

Pull Request Review

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