2022-12-01 Documentation team meeting notes #18

Attendees: @lucperkins @fricklerhandwerk @infinisil @henrik-ch

  • Maintainer responsibilities PR (collaborative work): Maintainer responsibilities by minijackson · Pull Request #362 · NixOS/nix.dev · GitHub
    • Attendees collaborated in real time over tmate, particularly around docs team meeting logistics
    • Consensus to merge, baby, merge!
  • This issue popped up in the Nix team meeting: docs: drop shell prompt character for consistency by msagarpatel · Pull Request #7251 · NixOS/nix · GitHub
    • We agreed to approve the PR but create an issue suggesting that the site be changed to enable non-selectable shell prompts
  • nix.dev content discussion (specifically what we may need to remove to make it an official source)
    • Sponsorship
    • Mentions of Cachix
    • cachix/cachix-action (GitHub Action)
    • FAQ
      • Long list of use cases
    • unofficial tools
      • direnv
      • niv
      • home-manager
      • devenv (used in the template)
    • Anti-patterns
      • Using with
      • Using rec
    • Templates
      • it’s an unmaintained, undocumented stub
      • The current template revolves around devenv, which is not an official tool
      • Consensus that this should be removed from nix.dev
    • Multiple levels of support
      1. Nix/Nixpkgs/NixOS · GitHub
      2. github.com/nix-community
      3. third-party projects
        • Examples:
          • Cachix
          • Flox
          • Hercules
  • @infinisil: need a process for making recommendations to new users
    • @lucperkins: open issue for paid services. right now there are so few that it would being users a disservice not mentioning them, but once it gets larger it may become problematic (have experience with kubernetes project).
    • Lively discussion around this brought us to the end of official meeting time. Agreement to hit the ground running with this issue next week.
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Anti-patterns are an important information to deal with nix and cultivate what people like to see in the code base… … i think it is normal that those rules are broken in reality.

I like to remined you of a point i made before. To keep workload limited the documentation needs to be opinionated.