2022-12-15 Documentation team meeting notes #20

Nix documentation team meeting

2022-12-15 (#20)

Attendees: @lucperkins @henrik-ch @yukiisbored @Ericson2314 @domenkozar

  • Renewed discussion on starter templates in nix.dev
    • Many approaches discussed last week, none an unmistakably clear winner
    • @lucperkins tentative proposal
      • A “one language” approach: a dev env and a package build for one language
      • Illustrate the moving parts with inline documentation
      • Use README to clarify how opinionated the starter is, make it clear Nix works with any language, and direct people to further resources
      • Flake support in a separate branch
      • Domen mentions: GitHub - NixOS/templates: Flake templates - which is a Flake only resource
      • Couple documentation with specific Nix starter templates
      • Domen will add @lucperkins, @fricklerhandwerk, @infinisil and @yukiisbored as a collaborator to the nix-dot-dev GitHub organization.
    • @Ericson2314 has a Nix Manual issue that he’d like to pair with someone on: “Document derived paths” (Document derived paths · Issue #7467 · NixOS/nix · GitHub)
      • @lucperkins will follow up 1:1 on Matrix
      • Agreement by @Ericon2314 to bulk up the issue description a bit more
    • Moved a few issues in the Agenda column to closed (Nix documentation · GitHub)
      • The agenda items are getting close to zero. Yay! But also we should move on to other battles and prioritize new agenda items.
      • Agreement to adjourn until next week