2023-02-06 Nix team meeting minutes #30

Attendees: @roberth @fricklerhandwerk @Ericson2314

  • went through past meeting notes, editing for readability
  • @Ericson2314 would like to go through command line refactorings
    • @fricklerhandwerk: propose to narrow the focus a bit. the Nixpkgs Architecture Team did a great example of working on one big problem every contributor is concerned with and producing good results in reasonable time
      • @roberth: we should be a force multiplier and help get PRs merged, Nixpkgs has the advantage that this is already happening there
      • @Ericson2314: instead of looking at big problems we should look at untapped opportunities
        • @fricklerhandwerk: helping contributors to deal with the tool and the code would tap a huge opportunity
          • if our users are developers, give them a library
  • (assorted discussion about architecture, design, and development strategies)