2023-02-13 Nix team meeting minutes #32

Attendees: @edolstra @tomberek @roberth @fricklerhandwerk @Ericson2314



  • observations:
    • design considerations around global options (such as --print-build-logs) are issues orthogonal to the individual commands
  • decisions:
    • we will draft a formal announcement of our plan for stabilisation, publish it, and ask for feedback and reviews
    • the currently envisioned stabilisation process is sketched as follows:
      1. formally stabilise the “hierarchical command line structure” first, without any commands in it
      2. stabilise the global options and settings relevant to currently experimental commands
        - those apply to multiple commands and effectively can’t be changed after stabilisation
      3. stabilise separate commands once all requirements (to be determined in more detail) are met
    • as a working assumption, do not consider part of the stable interface of the command in question
      • collect issues on global options and settings as we inspect the new commands, and deal with all of them separately before the first command itself is declared stable
    • nix store gc should only operate on garbage collection roots
      • we will consider a nix gc command that would also clean up profile generations
    • the configuraton options min-free and max-free (subject to renaming) will be used to determine limits on the garbage collection run, instead of a dedicated flag
      • there will be a new, separate option to enable automatic garbage collection during builds
      • update command documentation accordingly
    • there will be no output on stdout
  • complete discussion

We conclude that this was a highly productive meeting, and all feel good about the progress made.


@fricklerhandwerk today I saw that I (and I guess lots of other people) do have write access for the “Nix team”'s Kanban board at Nix team · GitHub
(I didn’t try it, but) the UI shows up as if I can change priority and status of issues or even archive the project.

I guess it’s not as critical as an accidental commit-bit, but it might be unintentional.


@edolstra (who is one of the few with the required permissions) fixed this now, thanks for the hint.