2023-02-20 Nix team meeting minutes #34

Attendees: @fricklerhandwerk @Ericson2314 @roberth @edolstra (later @regnat @tomberek)


  • discuss whether and, if, how to approach picking up the flakes proposal
    • or at least write down what to do next and when (15 min)
  • continue working on stabilisation of nix commands (60 min)
  • work off discussion column (45 min)

CLI Stabilisation


  • decision: do not commit to anything until the new CLI is stable


Team process

  • @fricklerhandwerk: repeating myself: can we please find a rule for what to prioritise given a long list of discussion items?
    • 2022 community survey pointed out contributor experience
      • this sounds like a clear mandate, we should assign this higher priority
      • @regnat: right, so far we have been sidetracked by many other issues
    • @Ericson2314: focus on RFC-related PRs
      • @fricklerhandwerk: would it help to add a label for topics touching on accepted RFCs?
        • @roberth: yes, will add a label
          • could even have a label per RFC
          • @fricklerhandwerk: no, you cannot remove labels later without losing information
            • and the full label overview should be self-explanatory, and with per-RFC labels it will accumulate cruft
            • so far it has shown to be effective to itemise our work and have as little recurrent tasks as possible
              • simply sorting items by priority based on label worked well and we should continue that
              • (agreement)
        • @regnat: also have a milestone per RFC, as it allows for better querying
          • @fricklerhandwerk: yes, but only as additional infromation, not as a primary tool
            • otherwise we’d have to dedicate time to look at milestones regularly, which is likely not to actually happen
      • @roberth: problem is that contributors can’t mark their work accordingly
        • @regnat: no problem, we’re triaging everything anyway
  • general agreement
  • @fricklerhandwerk will make PRs against the team handbook to further encode our agreed-upon process, once time allows
    • help welcome!
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