2023-03-18 - Nix(OS) install party in Moscow

On Saturday the 18th of March (that’s this Saturday), we’re hosting an “install party” for Nix/NixOS. We have a few people that are knowledgeable about Nix, and are inviting beginners that would like to get started with Nix/NixOS on their own machines to help out with questions and guidance.

Most people in this forum are pretty knowledgeable already, but it can’t hurt to have more experts there, either :wink:


The event will be held at the undef hackspace in central Moscow, between the metro stations Курская and Китай-город. The entrance can be a little difficult to find, but for first-timers there’s a map of sorts.


Saturday the 18th of March, from 17:00 until we’re done.


For beginners, bring your computer that you’d like to put Nix or NixOS on. For experts, bring your brain! You can also just show up and socialise with other Nixers.

We’d appreciate it if people could RSVP on TimePad as we don’t have infinite space available and an idea of how much interest there is would help :slight_smile:


Hosted by Flying Circus.