2023-03-27 Nixpkgs Architecture Team Meeting #34


RFC 140 Authors and Shepherds situation

  • Change co-authors from “The Nixpkgs Archicture Team” to specific people
  • Because we are short on shepherds, nominate more people from the team
    • Still prefer non-team members are shepherds in order to get more outside feedback, but if no one is volunteering don’t just want the RFC to stall.
  • Alex agrees to nominate as a shepherd!

Working group member search: Module system for packages

  • There is an announcement
  • Invite a bunch of people
  • Create Matrix channel (Edit: Requested on Matrix)
  • When to kick off with additional members?
    • A week?
    • Actually now.
  • Creating when2meet to schedule meeting
  • @growpotkin and @Infinisil: Not sure on whether “live” working is better or worse
    • So try to find some sort of compromise
  • Edit: @infinisil will initiate things