2023-03-29 - Marketing Team Minutes

Attending: Tom, Ron, Ilan, Dan , Guillaume, Ida, John, Rok


  • release videos
    • Bryan is taking over Tom’s sections
    • Dan’s sections are in-progress.
  • team interviews: stalled and de-prioritized
  • Tales from the Nixpkgs
    • Tom will draft a few more
    • solicit additional contributions
  • Survey
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media
    • migrate to Buffer
    • find volunteers: ida, patrick, tom
    • need credential management service (@ronef)
  • roadmap
    • valentin and rok will create draft, present, and review at next meeting (please ping tom, if available)
  • meetups
    • how to boost meetup
    • people don’t know how to run meetups (recommend a way run meetups)
    • [tom]: will provide a meetup structure
    • swag and stickers are always welcome

need credential management service

Vaultwarden seems a suitable solution, imo.

Thanks for posting the recap!