2023-03-31 (Friday) Nix Hacker Talk at freiheit.com – Hamburg, Germany


Friday 2023-03-31

17:00-18:00 Europe/Berlin (doors open 16:50)
Hang-out until 19:00

freiheit.com, Budapester Str. 45, Hamburg (top floor)

Many thanks to freiheit.com for offering the location!



  • What is Nix? And why you may care (15 min presentation)
  • Questions you surely had about Nix (30 min structured Q&A)
  • Current events – tales about recent developments in the Nix ecosystem (15 min)
  • Hang-out (until 19:00)


Who can attend?

Usually freiheit.com employees nerd out and share knowledge on these Friday evenings, and this time curious software developers and inhabitants of the Nix world are invited to join.

PS: There is another meetup one week earlier, in the afternoon: 2023-03-25 (Saturday) Nix meetup at TUHH – Hamburg, Germany

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Meeting report

tl;dr This was a theoretical presentation to a substantial audience, with a very brief demo at the end, and a lengthy discussion of details afterwards among enthusiasts.

We had around 20 attendees in person, and 5 online – which was quite an adventure in screen sharing – all software developers, most of which were not familiar Nix at all. I presented Nix as a principled way of thinking for developing software sustainably, while playing (fighting) with the fancy digital whiteboard and asking philosophical questions about why we even care about computers. Together we worked our way from the Nix store to NixOS as a declarative configuration system for entire operating systems, highlighting the universal applicability of the underlying principles.

Afterwards a smaller group had an intense exchange over flakes, NixOS for private and enterprise use, the development model of Nix and Nixpkgs, and introducing Nix-based setups to existing teams.

Again, many thanks to freiheit.com for hosting this event!