2023-04-12 - Marketing Team Minutes

Another 2 weeks past and the Marketing team gathered for the regular call to provide an update on Topics we are working towards.



1. 2023 NixOS Community Survey

Responsible: @Arsleust, @garbas, @ron, @Kranzes

  • survey.nixos.org instance is up again (Thank you @AmineChikhaoui and Infra team)

  • We can now export the questions (if needed) or create new survey

  • We will re-evaluate in the next week if we should move further with our instance of LimeSurvey or we switch to something that is hosted somewhere else (eg. Google Forms). Most likely 2023 survey will be done with like last year (with LimeSurvey due to getting survey out as soon as possible), but we need to find a reliable solution that does not waste our time on setting things up, but rather on the congtent of the survey.

  • The goal is to have survey out as soon as possible (by the end of the month)

Action items:

  • @Arsleust will setup a call next week to coordinate the efforts here.
  • @garbas needs to find access to the LimeSurvey instance and share it with the rest of the team.

2. Effortless sharing of passwords and other credentials/secrets.

Responsible: @garbas

Action items:

  • @garbas will provide a list of marketing members so everybody will have access

Nix release videos (“What’s new in Nix?”)

Responsible: @bjth, @djacu, @garbas

  • @djacu and @bryan need to finish recording (they have draft recording, but are overengineering the video and audio pipeline :rofl: ) of the videos and will be done this week.

  • Whole group will meet next week to record Intro/Outro together.

  • Even if Nix 2.15 is out we will post the video that covers 2.13 and 2.14. And than started working on the scenario for 2.15/2.16 right away.

  • In best case video will be out by the end of next week

Actions items:

  • @djacu and @bjth will finish recording videos this week
  • @bjth will setup a call to record Intro/Outro
  • @garbas will do post processing shortly after


Responsible: @idabzo , @garbas

  • We did send out a test newsletter to few of us to test the platform (https://www.sendinblue.com/)

  • Expected date of delivery is last day of April

Action items:

  • @idabzo prepares a document and shares it with others to prepare the content
  • @garbas will ask @ron regarding foundation paying for the Starter plan

Social media engagement

Responsible: @bjth , @idabzo, @tomberek, @garbas

  • @pxc was missing at last 2 meetings and we will check if he would like to continue helping out with Social media engagement and general work at Marketing team.

  • A short policy/guideline document is missing to organize the work here. This document should cover:

    • The persona we take as we are writing things (tone/style/…)
    • Frequencyw of posting
    • Define “Channels” where we listen for things to share and reshare.
    • Who will be doing to work? And when? We need some sort of schedule. This is also to set the expectations.
    • Examples of what we share and examples of what we don’t share.
  • The team also recognized that we should be more actively and regularly sharing the effort to fund documentation work (eg. once a week or once every 2 weeks)

Action items

  • @garbas will schedule a short call (30min) to create a policy/guideline document
  • @garbas will schedule a reminder post about funding documentation work.
  • @bjth will contacts documentation lead (@fricklerhandwerk) to record a quick (5-10seconds) shout out video that we can use in the following weeks.

Documenting the Marketing team roadmap

Responsible: @garbas, @fricklerhandwerk

  • There was no update since last time. One more call is needed to create a draft roadmap. After that we will discuss it team wide and post it

Action items:

Website rework

Responsible: @garbas, @djacu

  • The initial work includes writing CSS (migrating to tailwindcss) and it is hard to find people to work on this (due to other team being busy with other work).
  • We need to do the first step (a PR) of bringing “new” css into nixos-homepage code alongside existing one.
  • After first step is done we should promote that we need help with this.

Action items:

  • @garbas will find a slot (2h) to start the process and write first lines of “new” css
  • Once first steps is done @garbas will post to socials channels asking for more help
  • @garbas will update the website with current members of Marketing team

Helping with NixOS 23.05 release

Responsible: @garbas, @bjth

  • @garbas already contacted the @nixos-release team where can we help.
  • Current plan to help is:
    • Hold a live Q/A session (like we did with Foundation a while back) to help with fixing last remaining bugs. This should happen soon, since release is approaching. Hopefully this will also promote the Release team work and the search for new release manager candidate will be easier.
  • We’ll be looking for more ideas on how to promote the NixOS release.

Action items:

  • @bjth contacts @RaitoBezarius (current release manager) to schedule a live Q/A session with the rest of the Release team.
  • @garbas organizes a call with release team to go over the highlights and prepare marketing material for the May release of NixOS.

Tales from nixpkgs

Responsible: @tomberek

  • No update, sorry
  • Need more writers of such posts

Other topics

  • Month of maintainers in May (Github)
    • Ron: We are on a call with the Github community team and they are doing a months of maintainers in May (we are considered one of the partners). Looking for ideas for things we would want them to amplify for us and put on the website. Some ideas that were thrown →
      • Summer of Nix
      • Funding/fundraising
      • Grant program that we launched
      • Any larger meetups
    • @garbas will reach out to @ron to ask for more details what content is expected from us.
    • garbas should also create a github and discourse team/group and add everybody to it.

Hey! I’ve had some medical issues recently that have left me feeling overwhelmed and withdrawn, but I will be resuming participation in these meetings. Thank you for @-ing me.


Health first, wishing you speedy recovery!!

@pxc Take the time there is no hurry, I’m just happy you’re OK and when you are ready to join we’ll be here waiting for you!


It seems I don’t have an up-to-date meeting link or calendar invite. If you can provide me with either of those, please DM me! (I don’t see anything in the Community Calendar here on Discourse, either.)

I reached out to a couple people via email and Discourse this morning (~3 hours before) and got on the same old call link a few minutes (I think) early, and saw no one, then checked in every few minutes for ~15 minutes and didn’t see anyone.

For now, I’m going to just get back to work I guess, to avoid extending my workday into the evening.

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What’s the nature and purpose pf “Tales from Nixpkgs”? Just curious.

Sorry for long reply. “Tales from Nixpkgs” is support to take a random commit/PR and have a short story about it, an example is here → Blog → Tales from Nixpkgs | Nix & NixOS

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