2023-04-24 (Monday) Meetup: Software Development on NixOS - Vienna Austria


The first meetup will be held on Monday the 24th of April . We will start at about 18:00 with an introductionary talk, with the opportunity for discussion and planning of further meetups later on.

Software Development on NixOS

NixOS is awesome for packaging existing software, with helpers for many common build systems.

From an operators’s perspective, it really shines with composing software. How about the developer’s perspective?

Nix is a programming language so it should be able to adapt to many use cases.

A developer wanting to use Nix from the ground floor up, may care about various questions:

  • What tools are there to support software development?
  • What about support for non - NixOS developers?
  • How to use Nix as a build system?
  • How to do the pipeline to production?

We’ll take an overview of various development tools, based on Nix and NixOS:

  • flake direnv
  • numtide/devshell
  • devenv
  • flox
  • nixos-container


If you want to see your favorite question / tool / method on these lists, please ping @bendlas:matrix.org with suggestions, in time for the event.

If you want to contribute to future meetups by proposing topics, preparing talks or organizing venues, or have other inputs related to the emerging Nix(OS) community in Austria: Join us at #nixos-at:matrix.org


Friendly reminder: this is next Monday, in 4 days :slight_smile:

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Today, in about 9 hours :slight_smile:

Is it going to be recorded or streamed?

Not sure yet, as this is the first meetup with a talk and we didn’t plan for it. We going to see what we can do at location, an hour early, but at this point i won’t promise an a/v recording. Ah, and no streaming

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