2023-05-11 Documentation team meeting notes #47


  • choose Lead Editor and Nix Expert for documentation project (closed for the public)


  • Deadline for decision is now Monday 2023-05-15 before the next meeting so we can start working as soon as possible
  • Protocol: read through applications in order, give feedback
    • @fricklerhandwerk will refrain from comments since he has more context, will add information afterwards
  • Agreement: everyone not accepted should be offered volunteer role
  • We have unanimously made a decision
  • Next steps:
    • @fricklerhandwerk will:
      • Post a note in the team’s internal Matrix room, asking for feedback until next Monday
        • Team members not attending should have opportunity for justified objections, however improbable
      • Make sure that nominations are accepted before proceeding
        • Confirm the time when work can start
        • Contact applicants and offer volunteer role to those not accepted
      • Start preparing contracts with NixOS Foundation and figure out payment details
    • Prepare a brief in the next Monday meeting, @zmitchell and @fricklerhandwerk will deliver it
    • Post a Discourse announcement if everything is confirmed, earliest after the Monday meeting
      • Reply to the original post