2023-05-18 Documentation team meeting notes #49



  • rundown of project brief
  • do we adhere to a particular definition of “curriculum”?
    • @zmitchell: a series of tutorial articles to follow along in order to create a software project
    • @fricklerhandwerk: this will be oriented around a small set of prominent, well-supported use cases
  • challenge: Nix is conceptually new to most software professionals, so we have to teach many basic things
  • where is all of the available information, how is it organised?
  • most recent state of discussion on the learning journey
  • dicussed some procedural issues
  • which tools can we use?
    • we’re working in public as much as possible
    • tools:
      • Matrix for async group and direct chat
      • markdown scratchpad for collaborative editing
      • GitHub issues for ephemeral information
      • GitHub pull requests for persistent, user-facing information
    • @maj can use an internal Google drive for collecting and sharing temporary materials more conveniently
  • next steps for @maj:
    • work through linked material
    • get in touch with @roberth
    • schedule time to collect input on use cases, skills, and concepts
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