2023-05-30 Nixpkgs Architecture Team Meeting #39


RFC 140

  • All shepherds accepted the RFC and are now requesting FCP.
  • Some discussions are happening, but none that require changes to the RFC:
    • On Matrix, a discussion about how to deal with documenting the RFC
      • Conclusion is that minor changes to the standard to allow better documentation are obviously allowed
    • On Matrix, a discussion about requiring approval by the NAT for changes to the RFC.
      • Conclusion is that this is a more general problem and should go into a separate RFC.
    • On Matrix and GitHub,
    • Some criticism by @edolstra, mostly already addressed by the RFC contents and other comments in the thread

Packages Modules WG

Progressing nicely, merged some PR’s, see pkgs-modules/meetings at main · nixpkgs-architecture/pkgs-modules · GitHub

RFC process discussion happening on discourse

(after the meeting)

Consider looking at significant issues in these meetings.