2023-06-01 Documentation team meeting notes #51


  • updates and blockers
  • brainstorming on fostering docs maintenance


  • What’s the status, anybody blocked, etc.?
    • @maj observing Learning Journey meetings. Have some questions, probably better offline

    • @maj: Looking at usability surveys first. First goal is to organize user types, looking for which use cases draw which users, seeing some patterns. Will share a doc link in the Matrix.

      • @fricklerhandwerk: Maybe maintainers directory?
        • @zmitchell: It’s just intermediate notes, nothing persistent yet
        • @maj: We should think about which parts should be persisted further vs. less-important notes, but this doesn’t need to be discussed now
    • @fricklerhandwerk: Worked on Nix documentation, merged the “What is Flakes” PR to nix.dev.

    • @roberth: I don’t have any tasks yet, no questions

Going through open issues and PR’s, also good for @maj to see, and we have a pile of them:

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