2023-06-07 - Marketing Team Minutes

As May was busy for a lot of us we didn’t have a change to meet and discuss as we would like, but we were still trying to push things further. As this post is coming 5 days after the meeting some things are already done.



1. Survey

Responsible: @Arsleust, @garbas, @ron, @Kranzes

@Kranzes is taking a lead on this and pushing to make it public. He needs to still talk to @fricklerhandwerk and @Arsleust regarding final touches.

Action items:

  • @Kranzes will publish survey by the end of the week

2. Sharing of credentials

Responsible: @garbas

We are looking to share credentials and we requested this from NixOS Foundation (https://github.com/NixOS/foundation/issues/49). So far we are still waiting this to be resolved.

3. Social media

Responsible: @pxc , @idabzo, @garbas

@idabzo is doing an amazing work scheduling almost a post a day. She is going to be on rotation for this until end of June. After that:

  • @pxc is going to take over social postings in July
  • @garbas is going to take over social postings in August

4. Newsletter

Responsible: @pxc , @idabzo, @garbas

@idabzo will finalize the work on newsletter. @garbas will do the final read and editing and send the newsletter out.

@pxc has already started the next issue.

Actions items:

5. Documenting the Marketing team roadmap

Responsible: @garbas, @fricklerhandwerk

Work was published on the team page and also on discourse.

Action items:

  • All team members will read the current state and next time we discuss comments/changes/…

6. Website rework

Responsible: @garbas, @djacu

No progress.

7. Helping with NixOS 23.05 release

Responsible: @garbas, @bjth

Live Q/A didn’t happen this time even if everybody wanted to. We need to plan this better for next time.

8. Tales from Nixpkgs

Responsible: @tomberek

No progress.

9. Nix release videos (“What’s new in Nix?”)

Responsible: @bjth, @djacu, @garbas

@garbas needs to ask @bjth and @djacu about the progress.