2023-07-11 Nixpkgs Architecture Team Meeting #41


RFC 140

  • Went into FCP again and should be merged soon by the RFC steering committee
  • Implementation: mostly discussion since last meeting

Packages Modules WG

  • No updates from @infinisil who is just back from time off
  • @DavHau lead the meetings in recent weeks instead, see the repository for updates

What to do with this team

  • @roberth failed to host the meeting and apologizes
    • @growpotkin: * and Alex were present and found some things to discuss.
  • @infinisil: team is responsible for managing working groups, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to only have updates in these meetings
  • Ideas for how to proceed with this team
    • Schedule longer review meetings when needed
      • E.g. when someone has an idea that would need a working group, or if a working group would like their RFC draft reviewed
      • Decision: Do this, but still have regular sync meetings monthly at least
    • Leadership rotation
      • Everything can be delegated including stream setup
      • No decision to do this for now
    • @growpotkin: In general, need stuff to do
      • Addressing Nixpkgs issues (e.g. label: significant)
        • Weird because we don’t have authority
        • review is still useful
      • @growpotkin: Maintenance tasks?
        • @infinisil: Better to focus on fundamental / long standing issues
    • Specific things to work on/start a working group for:
    • Dissolve the team as a possibility
  • Mini “retrospective”:
    • We got things done
    • RFCs are inherently slow
    • How do we motivate people to do this kind of work?
      • It’s hard to get people to join a specific task sometimes
      • RFC-like process is not fun for everyone
      • Some people may want to join when they see RFC 140


  • Everyone subscribe to the Nixpkgs Architecture topic on discourse
  • infinisil: Schedule the meeting to be monthly → Done, every 4 weeks