2023-07-24 Documentation team meeting notes #66


Document support tiers in Nixpkgs manual · Issue #244686 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

  • A PR adding the list as Nix code to nixpkgs, which got pushback
    • @infinisil: That PR doesn’t correspond to what the RFC proposed. RFC only says to document it in the manual, not to expose it under lib
    • Can definitely get a change to add it to the manual accepted
  • @asymmetric: Any updates to the platform list?
    • @infinisil: Not as far as I can see, the RFC isn’t implemented yet anyways, anybody that wants to update it needs to make another RFC or get in touch
  • @asymmetric: Where to add it to the manual?
  • @asymmetric: Will make a PR

Fix line indentation stripping by infinisil · Pull Request #62 · nix-community/nixdoc · GitHub

Help with custom nix shell in nix.dev repo

  • @mightyiam: Would like to modify the shell.nix environment for nix.dev locally without changing any tracked files
    • @infinisil: Not easily doable, could just edit flake.nix but not commit it
    • Or update the pyproject.toml for python dependencies
    • Or just commit it if the tool is useful for you
  • Let’s not debug this further here, better for an issue

Do nix.dev markdown source files have syntax extensions that would prevent them being parsed by some arbitrary markdown parser?

No idea, let’s not try to figure this out together