2023-08-07 Documentation team meeting notes #70



  • @proofconstruction: Working on NixOS/nix.dev@650
    • NixOS/nix.dev#599 is somewhat a logical dependency/the split is a bit confusing
    • @infinisil: Imo not a strict dependency, can be done independently
    • @proofconstruction: we should merge 650 as-is with the updates discussed last week
    • @infinisil: +1
  • @mightyiam: Continuing working on nix doctest
    • @infinisil briefly taking a look at the code and examples
    • @infinisil: nix repl evaluates in an odd way, we should switch away from it underneath at some point, but it’s okay to use it for now
  • Continuing to work on NixOS/nixpkgs#245243, cleaning up contributor documentation