2023-08-25 Nix team meeting minutes #82


  • revisit C bindings PR

  • should we put release notes in a separate Discourse category for better discoverability?

  • Reschedule meetings, @ericson2314 and @tomberek are groggy

    • proposal: 1 hour later
      • agreement
    • @fricklerhandwerk will join every second Friday then
    • @regnat will skip Fridays once a month

(Towards) stable C bindings for libutil, libexpr by yorickvP · Pull Request #8699 · NixOS/nix · GitHub

  • @yorickvp made updates
    • replaced GC interface with refcounting, will remove externals
    • @fricklerhandwerk reviewed docs, looks good to merge otherwise
  • approved, assigned to @roberth for final review

Goals for the mid-term future

  • @tomberek: propose to focus fully on implementing RFC 136
  • @ericson2314: on a small personal note, would like to finish RFC 92 first before switching back to RFC 134 PRs (which only blocks some, not all stabilization stuff, anyways!) to avoid doing multiple things in parallel
    • it’s fairly close to getting done
    • @tomberek: also have some deep interest in that, but we should prioritise reducing the experimental surface to address ecosystem problems
      • should start chopping away at the front of the queue
      • @edolstra: obviously in favor of stabilisation, especially flakes and CLI
      • @fricklerhandwerk: could we move RFC 134 to the front? that seems like longer-term relevant than the outer layers
  • will continue next time