2023-08-31 Documentation team meeting notes #77



  • @zmitchell: Switching Learning Journey meetings to every other week
    • Next meeting is 2023-10-05
  • @yuki_is_bored: PR to preview external branches is essentially done, but merging bears the risk of something random breaking
    • have no access to any of the infrastructure, someone with permissions should be available to clean up if anything happens
    • @proofconstruction: Would rather merge this faster and deal with potential downtime
    • @zmitchell: can sit down together to keep an eye on it; prepare a small PR to try it out. revert if it breaks.
  • @mightyiam: will extract the repl tester into a separate repository and give it a CLI to consume files
    • @proofconstruction will begin code review and commenting
    • Not a priority at the moment; hard to maintain with the current team
  • @mightyiam: have been working on the side on a static site generator written in Rust
  • @asymmetric: Is there a list of Learning Journey tutorials to write?
  • @roberth: did not have time to make progress, will allocate some to unblock PRs with reviews

Outline for nix.dev

  • @zmitchell: The PR does way too many things at once, have to break it apart.
    • Discussed moving some tutorials from First Steps to LJ section
  • @fricklerhandwerk: When people get to the site, they should have a clear path where to go
  • @zmitchell: We discuss too many

Presenting third-party projects

  • @proofconstruction: We don’t have a policy how to talk about any tools, community, third-party, commercial…
    • We may as well not talk about any of the third-party tools
  • @roberth: We might be able to maintain links, and perhaps some comparisons. That format may motivate those projects to help maintain such a page, because it’s their marketing basically.
    • @fricklerhandwerk: We could set ground rules and otherwise accept contributions by owners
  • @asymmetric: Some “sister projects” might be appropriate for nix.dev, but not cachix et al
  • @yuki_is_board: the “official” part of the ecosystem is lacking a lot of vital things. For example, not mentioning Home Manager would do a disservice to users.
  • @fricklerhandwerk: We can refer to FOSS tooling liberally as long as we know what we’re talking about and make sure that those projects are alive and have a future, otherwsise we’re setting ourselves and our users up for a lot of additional work
  • @zmitchell: adding links to commercial products should be enough. those should maintain their own documentation for integrating with open source.
  • @fricklerhandwerk: does not preclude having some sort of paid advertisement in a very controlled manner
  • @proofconstruction: can have a page for recommended open source tooling, too (that we curate ourselves)
  • @zmitchell: advertising is rather a question for the foundation board
  • rough consensus on mentioning third-party FOSS tools on nix.dev, in an explanatory “this fulfills this purpose” way, but no decision yet
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