2023-08-31 - Learning Journey Working Group - Meeting Notes #23


  • Updates
  • @zmitchell: Suggests the LJWG meet every other week
  • Discussed the overall structure of the Docs effort
    • Dificulty of merging, lack of contributors, spending a lot of time collaborating but not getting the velocity we want/need
    • @roberth: We’re (currently) trying to write documentation like we write software
    • @proofconstruction: Some concerns around getting blocked on code style/approach; re: nix-build -E [expr] -A … vs making a default.nix and just nix-build -A attrname
      • @zmitchell: Need a style guide for how to write Nix
    • Broadly all agree it would be better to have faster merging and more PR activity than keeping PRs sitting while they’re under indefinite review.
  • @zmitchell: On duplication: need a section of the tutorials as an entrypoint/managed experience for learning (the Learning Journey). It’s fine to move some First Steps tutorials to LJ.
    • Examples: Nix language tutorial, pinning nixpkgs
    • Pinning Nixpkgs tutorial; why not use import <nixpkgs>?
    • Progressive disclosure, fine to use not-best-practices from the beginning.
    • Hide some (more) things behind a details tag
  • @zmitchell: Pinning nixpkgs uses Niv
  • Discussed future tutorials
    • NixOS is unloved.
      • @proofconstruction has several things in the works
        • Module system tutorial from Silvan
        • How to write a configuration.nix for NixOS
        • How to split up an existing configuration into modules, separate files
  • Review/discuss implement the vision by proofconstruction · Pull Request #701 · NixOS/nix.dev · GitHub
  • @zmitchell will be away from meetings during September.
  • Needs: tutorial on how to modify/override packages (phases, inputs, etc), nixpkgs overlays