2023-09-04 Nix team meeting minutes #85

Attendees: @roberth @regnat @ericson2314 @fricklerhandwerk @edolstra @tomberek


  • Updates
  • Stabilisation



Opened issues on missing items:

nix store delete

  • discussed the distinction between handling “low-level” store paths vs. taking installables
    • @roberth argues there is ambiguity if a symlink resolves to a store path that contains a flake
      • @tomberek: currently the behavior is that the store path property takes precedence
    • @edolstra: may require more cleverness from the commands to figure that out
      • @fricklerhandwerk: arguably low-level commands should not be clever, we should move that up a layer
        • we discussed having top-level commands that do “the right thing”
        • @edolstra: how would users know which of two very similar commands does what they want?
      • @ericson2314 already invested quite a lot of time enabling low-level commands taking arbitrary installables, and so far the paradigm was that all commands would accept both high-level and low-level references
      • @edolstra: we shouldn’t make a distinction between porcelain and plumbing
        • although nix store delete is probably nothing you’d use every day
        • @ericson2314: porcelain-vs-plumbing is a more universal UI principle we should take into account
        • @edolsta: git also has this distinction, but its plumbing commands accept all the types, refs, revs, …
    • @edolstra: the store symlink is an edge-case we may actually support
      • parsing installables is the only thing that has ambiguity, and it can be alleviated by adding options to make this explicit
    • @fricklerhandwerk: another way of resolving the ambiguity is just documenting the precedence of store paths
      • @edolstra: nix-store has the same behavior, changing it would be a new feature
        • @roberth: it’s a non-issue for nix-store
      • @tomberek: propose to keep the existing behavior rather than addressing the issue, for now
      • @roberth: could also error out if we don’t want to decide it yet
  • does stabilisation require handling this?
    • decision: yes

nix store repair

nix store sign