2023-09-11 Documentation team meeting notes #79


  • @henrik-ch, brief update from nixcon, been working with ryantm on mmdoc and updated his version of the nixpkgs manual.

  • @stefanschroeder has some PRs to review, concerns about scaling nixpkgs maintainership, streamlining PR reviews

  • @wamirez - been working on a PR to move content on the nix.dev website, been reviewed by @henrik-ch and @fricklerhandwerk

  • @proofconstruction: I have been in discussions with community members surrounding a code of conduct/community social behavior guidelines.

    • Reminds me that we have a small one in CONTRIBUTING.md, with an expanded version in the style guide.
      • These should be unified (probably simply by pointing the reader to the style guide from the contributing guide).
    • Also brings up a question: nix.dev’s slogan is “official documentation for getting things done with Nix”, which in my mind should include the social aspect as well as the technical.
    • I propose that we add a page under the contributing index which documents at least the following:
      • Existing effort in this direction by RFC 98, RFC 102, and RFC 114
      • The docs team’s recommendation (because we cannot speak for the entire community without going through the RFC process) for interaction guidelines, written as a list of positives (e.g. “be patient and welcoming with new contributors”, versus negatives like “don’t post flame bait”), corresponding to behaviors we’d like to see. This wouldn’t be binding, but is intended to set a good example for other teams, and to contribute to the broader discussion around establishing a more formal CoC. See also the Rust CoC.
  • Reviewing @stefanschroeder PR ttfsample: init at 0.3.0 by StefanSchroeder · Pull Request #234661 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

  • @henrik-ch: also looking at Alex’s PR - https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/239035, as a good template to learn from.