2023-10-09 Nix team meeting minutes #93

Attendees: @fricklerhandwerk @edolstra @regnat @infinisil @ericson2314


  • made a decision on the next tactical steps
  • @fricklerhandwerk will refine the text, share for review, then publish

CLI stabilisation

  • nix derivaton

    • should postpone as it is not vital
    • @fricklerhandwerk: the nix derivation show is very useful though
  • nix repl

    • remove the experimental guard on --file for loading files
    • we decided it 7 months ago and at least one NixOS release will pass between the warning and the removal
    • globally remove --impure from documentation and alias to --option pure false
      • change it to pure by default with flakes enabled
      • command-line option aliases should be handled programmatically in config settings documentation
    • mark flake-related options as experimental in documentation
    • add an example to the docs showing the dummy/read-only store for working purely with expression evaluation
  • Quick peek at nix path-info

Now that we’re done with reviewing store commands, in the next sessions we will review PRs or pair on implementing the decisions made so far regarding the CLI stabilisation.