2023-10-26 Documentation team meeting notes #89


Module system

@asymmetric would like to discuss the following:

@roberth’s renamings issue

  • (“New definitions (as in defining the terminology):” items)
  • this should be merged first, so that we get naming right before merging the stuff below
  • would like to get clarity on verbs, not just names, as this is very important in documentation
    • i.e. “define an option” becomes ???
  • @infinisil: consistency and explaining the concept is more important than the naming
  • @asymmetric: if there is agreement it could be an easy win
  • @fricklerhandwerk: may be a bit too much to do it right now, let’s schedule time to discuss
  • @infinisil should take a closer look at this

@infinisil’s tutorial

@roberth’s explanation

  • @asymmetric: IMO this is not a reference, it should go in nix.dev under concepts
  • @roberth: what we won’t do in the manual but definitely need is teaching skills, such as how to approach a problem with the module system, as it’s a fairly unique thing
  • let’s have a short overview of the module system on nix.dev
  • @roberth: Will look into splitting it up so we can merge it in smaller parts


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