2023-11-06 Nix team meeting minutes #101

Attendees: @Ericson2314 @edolstra @fricklerhandwerk @roberth @regnat @tomberek @infinisil
Notes by: @fricklerhandwerk


  • updates
  • preparation for half-year report
  • unblock PRs


  • last time we agreed on delaying fetchTree stabilisation until two releases later (around February 2024)
    • there are still some things we have to figure out first, and rushing them would be risky
    • will still publish the announcement but put emphasis on the process rather than the result
  • Git smudging: will be turned off in fetchGit, as that can be considered a bug
  • the 2.3.17 backport is now done

Pull requests to unblock

Regression in symlink handling in 2.16 · Issue #9298 · NixOS/nix · GitHub




  • decision:
    • merge when ready
    • call for testing master on Discourse
    • fix up regressions until the next release
    • release if no severe issues remain and fix the minor ones forward
    • otherwise fall back to having both implementations side-by-side (opt-in or opt-out the new one), and see from there