2023-11-09 Documentation team meeting notes #93


  • updates
  • pull request reviews
  • tend to the project board



Less confusing stable channel recommendation by infinisil · Pull Request #791 · NixOS/nix.dev · GitHub

Tending to the project board

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What about conventional comments?

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Someone mentioned it somewhere recently, and I had a look. It’s inspiring and I already use it to some degree informally. But I wouldn’t want to manually follow a rigid structure, that’s just too much hassle unless a tool makes it frictionless.

The team is organized as a praxicracy: you are in charge if and only if you get the work done.

But a PR about a content, that doesn’t exist, takes 4 months to be merged, instead of “Looks Good To Merge” and accept PRs with improvements.

As we value someone else opinions, we just don’t want to ignore someone else review. But we need a clear rule of 1. Praxicracy, 2. Please give some hint if your comment is bike shedding or critical, followed by why.

I mention conventional comments, as a stencil to second item.

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