2023-12-15 meeting notes on accounting

Some time has passed since @ron and @ksaunders1 started looking for an administrative assistant for the NixOS Foundation. Now I’m happy to announce that @kate is on board since beginning of November, available to help with accounting and other tasks for up to 10h/week.

Today, @edolstra, @kate and me met for an introduction, and to discuss how to proceed with the growing complexity of the foundation’s finances. This is especially important for me, since I’m taking care of Summer of Nix and the STF security project, and want to make sure that payments are always on time and the budgets and money flows are reflected correctly in public reports.


  • We should set up system for outgoing payments
    • @kate is currently checking emails and uploads them to e-boekhouden
    • Should have a Notion tracker with invoice details extracted for quick overview
  • @edolstra has set up finance@nixos.org, @kate has access
  • @kate is in touch with Open Collective asking to sync Stripe and PayPal transactions
    • They answered that payments have to be synced manually, which isn’t being done currently
      • That’s the reason why the balance shows more than it actually is
    • But incoming funds show up automatically
  • @fricklerhandwerk: Can we consolidate the multiple book keeping systems? It’s important for anyone requesting funds to know what’s actually at the foundation’s disposal.
    • e-boekhouden
      • All in Dutch, has all the transactions
      • Important for tax purposes, encodes all the legal requirements
    • Open Collective
    • Project-based accounting
  • @edolstra: We could add some integration with e-boekhouden to have a semi-automatic process
    • Have to avoid leaking PII and other sensitive data
    • Should reduce friction to reporting so we can do it easily every quarter
    • Currently there is no real budgeting in there, but we have to know our commitments

Action items

  • @edolstra will open a Notion page for budgeting, book keeping, managing outgoing payments and give @kate and @fricklerhandwerk write access
  • @fricklerhandwerk and @kate will coordinate and establish a system roughly based on the Summer of Nix setup
    • It will probably still be quite a bit of ongoing manual work, but likely less than it is currently
    • Starting next year, @fricklerhandwerk will ask Summer of Nix participants to manage their timesheets in Notion, so those can be integrated easily
  • @kate will manage incoming invoices and send reminders if needed