2023 Nix Developer Dialogues (live stream)

Continuing the tradition of the Summer of Nix 2022 — Public Lecture Series, in the coming weeks there will be another opportunity to get in touch with developers in the Nix ecosystem, learn what they are working on at the moment, and find out how you can participate. Since Summer of Nix 2023 is over, the show is called 2023 Nix Developer Dialogues.

This year will be more light-weight, and more about people and stories rather than just the technology.

The first episode will air on Friday 2023-11-17 10:30 UTC, and the schedule will be updated as we go. I will post new events with all details on the

  • Community Calendar
  • NixOS Google Calendar
    • Send me a private message with your e-mail address to get a calendar invite for reminders. If not requested otherwise, I’ll invite you to all events in the series. You can invite others yourself once you’re a guest. The guest list is not public.

There will be slots 10:30 UTC and 19:30 UTC on various days of the week, including Sundays, to accommodate viewers from different time zones and situations.

You’re invited to join any of the streaming channels to ask questions in the chat or in person!
Please share this invitation with your friends and colleagues, and anyone interested in Nix and NixOS.


All episodes will be recorded on the NixOS Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Date & Time Guests Topic Details
Fri 2023-11-17 10:30 UTC @lassulus & Jörg Thalheim (@Mic92) Living the Nix life: deployment systems, freelancing, and meetups Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Sun 2023-11-19 19:30 UTC Ryan Lahfa (@raitobezarius) Convergent configuration with NixOS Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Mon 2023-11-20 10:30 UTC Robert Hensing (@roberth) Fixed points all the way down: the module system Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Thu 2023-11-23 10:30 UTC Rok Garbas (@garbas) The NixOS hype and where to go from here Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Mon 2023-11-27 19:30 UTC Silvan Mosberger (@infinisil) Paving roads through the jungle: Nixpkgs architecture Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Thu 2023-11-30 10:30 UTC Vincent Ambo (@tazjin) & Florian Klink (@flokli) What’s up with Tvix Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Fri 2023-12-01 10:30 UTC Théophane Hufschmitt (@thufschmitt) & Matthias Meschede (@mat) Build system for businesses: Commercial use of Nix Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Sun 2023-12-03 19:30 UTC Thomas Bereknyei (@tomberek) & John Ericson (@Ericson2314) Unexplored superpowers: Nix behind the scenes Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Mon 2023-12-04 10:30 UTC Ronny Lam Did you try asking? Public funding in the open source economy Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Thu 2023-12-07 10:30 UTC Sergei Kozlukov (@SergeK) Deep learning and AI applications in Nixpkgs Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Fri 2023-12-08 19:30 UTC Eelco Dolstra (@edolstra) & Ron Efroni (@ron) Keeping the lights on: News from the NixOS Foundation Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar
Sun 2023-12-10 19:30 UTC Alexander Groleau (@proofconstruction) Grab a shovel: The journey to better documentation Discourse Calendar, Google Calendar


Looking forward to meeting you on the air!


Looking forward in to it.


Nice initiative to stay updated with nix community!!

I’m gonna watch some of them for sure. Maybe not on stream though. Thanks for doing this!

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@roberth I’m curious about the “profile” can you explain it (again) ? :wink:

He was referring to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/tree/master/nixos/modules/profiles, which are modules that aren’t included by default, so you have to import them explicitly. In turn these don’t have any .enable option, so just importing them will enable their functionality.

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Just want to say that I appreciate these very much, thank you for doing them!