2024-04-15 Documentation team meeting notes #119


  • @klinger would like to write some NixOS Desktop guides
    • enhance for the documentation for non-developer power users: just for people who like to use linux on their own devices or (home)servers:
    • more documentation for the standard things you do as desktop user: e-mail, office-suite, pdf, scanning
    • better intro for the way you can use NixOS: if you ask around you will often get the information that you HAVE to use flakes, and you need home-manager for your dotfiles. But most „normal“ users don’t need this complexity, especially not if just starting and wanting to replace their daily driver.
    • @fricklerhandwerk: Start adding to wiki.nixos.org, feel free to discuss what you did
      • there is no editorial process for the Wiki, just do things and grab people on Matrix for feedback if needed, or join the meetings
  • @Dmills27 some use cases to consider
    • Firefox extensions (like video-download-helper usage of bash scripts)
    • VSCode extensions
    • @fricklerhandwerk: yes, guides for any common (end-user or developer-facing) use case are highly useful

Hacking on documentation